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School Community Intervention Partnership

Vanier Children's Mental Wellness
871 Trafalgar St
London, ON
N5Z 1E6
Télécopie: 519-432-0056
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Procédé et formulaires

Referrals must be initiated by school personnel
For services available within the Francophone boards, call SCIP 519-432-0881 ext 232 for more details

Admissibilité / population desservie

Elementary school children Grades 1 to 5 in Thames Valley District School Board, London District Catholic School Board, Providence, and Viamonde School Board




Margaret Zaczek - Clinical Team Leader
Vanier Children's Mental Wellness
519-432-0881 ext 232 * mzaczek@vanier.com


English ; French

Notes sur la langue

French language services within Francophone schools as we have one full-time Francophone consultant on staff

Zone(s) desservie(s)



P_wheelchair.gif Partiellement accessible

Description des services:

Early response to the mental health needs of elementary school children (Grades 1 to 5)  who present with self-regulation or behavioural difficulties in the school/family/community setting * intervention for external behaviours (throwing, kicking, etc) and internalizing (crying, covert behaviour, etc)

Clinical intervention components offered:
  • intake
  • initial mental health summary report
  • referral to existing community resources that may augment and/or better suit the child’s needs
  • "Warm Hand Off" practices (face-to-face transition of service and formal introductions) where helpful and available
  • referral to existing school-based programs for skill development and academic intervention or assessment
  • quick access to medical and mental health resources for diagnostic and treatment planning where appropriate 
  • psycho-education surrounding interventions, strategies and skills with a focus on parent skill building * may include increasing social and behaviour competencies, enhancing peer relationships, self-regulation development and skill building, and supporting existing strengths
  • consultation on collaborative home or classroom strategies when requested to support communication and skill development
  • education regarding distress tolerance, coping and managing dysregulated behaviours
  • information sharing and consultation for parents and school personnel regarding community resources and programs for both child and adult

Involves of a number of organizations including:

  • Vanier Children's Services 
  • London District Catholic School Board
  •  Thames Valley District School Board
  • Conseil scolaire Viamonde
  • Conseil scolaire catholique Providence
  • Wellkin (formerly known as OECYC - Elgin Child and Youth Centre)

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Qui sommes-nous ?

SCIP is a program within Madame Vanier Children's Mental Wellness in London-Middlesex. Referrals are initiated through elementary schools for children in grades 1 - 5.

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