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Language Skills Program

735 Wonderland Rd N, Unit 207
London, ON
N6H 4L1
Télécopie: 519-472-7006
iconPath Administration: Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm
School Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-3pm
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Procédé et formulaires

Referral through the LINC Assessment Centre at Cross Cultural Learner Centre, call the office to register, or visit specific school site * bring permanent resident card or notice of decision along with English assessment from CCLC or previous ESL or LINC school

Admissibilité / population desservie

Adult landed immigrants (permanent residents) and convention refugees 18 years and older, but not Canadian citizens


No Charge

Cadres supérieurs

Jacquie Rumiel - Vice President, Newcomer and Community Services
519-256-330 ext 236 * jacquie.rumiel@swo.ymca.ca
Karen Macari - Language Skills Supervisor
519-645-7553 ext 3 * karen.macari@swo.ymca.ca


English ; Arabic

Notes sur la langue

Arabic speaking staff available at some locations at limited times

Zone(s) desservie(s)



W_wheelchair.gif Accessible en fauteuil roulant

Description des services:

Teaches English Language Skills to newcomers, where language and cultural differences are barriers to accessing employment, education and community services

Additional Language Skills Program locations:
  • Wortley YMCA - 165 Elmwood Ave E
  • Westmount Mall - 785 Wonderland Rd S
  • South London Community Centre - 1119 Jalna Blvd, behind White Oaks Mall
  • North London - 207-735 Wonderland Rd N (Wonderland Corners Plaza), at Beaverbrook


English Classes:

Literacy and CLB 1-5, Reading and Writing - Mon-Fri 9am-11:30am
Literacy and CLB 1-5, Listening and Speaking - Mon-Fri 12:30pm-3pm

Literacy and CLB 1-6, Reading and Writing - Mon-Fri 9am-11:30am
Literacy and CLB 1-6, Listening and Speaking - Mon-Fri 12:30pm-3pm

South London

Literacy to CLB 4 - Mon-Fri 9am-11:30am
CLB 1-4 - Mon-Fri 12:30pm-3pm
Literacy and CLB 1- Mon-Thu 4pm-6:30pm

North London
CLB 1-2, 3-4 - Mon-Fri 9am-11:30am
CLB 1-2, 3-4 - Mon-Fri 12:30pm-3pm
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