Mises à jour sur la COVID-19

COVID-19 Service Change: All events and activities postponed. Facility closed to the public until further notice. See LIFE*SPIN news for information about services and programs. The Free Store is closed and not accepting donations.


866A Dundas St E
Télécopie: 519-438-7983
iconPath Mon-Wed 9:30am-4:30pm * closed between 12noon-1pm
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Procédé et formulaires

Call for an appointment * referrals from community groups and organizations

Admissibilité / population desservie

People who have a low income



Cadres supérieurs

Jacqueline Thompson - Executive Director



Notes sur la langue

Interpretation available upon request through Across Languages (519-642-7247)

Zone(s) desservie(s)

London and Middlesex


W_wheelchair.gif Accessible en fauteuil roulant

Note sur l'accessibilité

Sloped entry - suitcase ramp available for wheelchairs

Description des services:

Supports and information for people on low income * front-line services for mediation, referrals, homelessness prevention and publication of plain language public legal educational resources * housing resources * works to find solutions beyond emergency relief of poverty * volunteer income tax program for late filing
  • LIFE*SPIN Affordable Housing Initiative Permanent affordable housing * 5 commercial units including 2 bachelor units, 3 two-bedroom units, and 5 one-bedroom units
  • Office of the Community Advocate Assists with completion of forms for ODSP, OAS, GIS, subsidized housing, assistive devices, internal reviews, requests for reconsideration
  • Public Legal Education Publishes plain-language information and training materials regarding poverty issues and legislative changes
  • The "Living Room" Offers space for programming related to basic quality of life for people affected by poverty

Services et programmes:

Trouver des services similaires à London et dans le Middlesex

Qui sommes-nous ?

The mission of LIFE*SPIN is to provide information and support for individuals surviving on low-incomes, and to support the empowerment and self-development of these individuals in their efforts to attain self-sufficiency.

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