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Description des événements

Family Literacy Day!

Join us for our special Literacy Event during our Saturday playgroup! There will be a draw for prizes!

Groupe de jeu/Playgroup with Caterina

Songs and stories are a great way to get exposure to the French language, learn new words and games, and develop useful language for French Immersion or French first language school. No need to speak/understand French or to be linked to French education.

Infant Hearing Screening Program

The Ontario Infant Hearing Program (IHP) is a province wide program of the Ministry of Children and Youth Services that screens babies for hearing loss soon after birth.

Medway EarlyON Playgroup- 119 Sherwood Forest Square (Medway Community Centre)

Join us for the morning playgroup for inspiration with new ideas for engaging family interactions!

Thursday Afternoon EarlyON Infant (0-12 Months)Playgroup with Childreach

A playgroup for parents and their babies 12 months and under.

Thursday Morning EarlyON Playgroup with Childreach

Join Childreach in the playroom to learn play and grow.

Tuesday Afternoon EarlyON Playgroup

Get inspired with new ideas for family interactions! Alex from the Sherwood Branch Library will join us on March 19 from 2:00-2:30.

Tuesday Evening EarlyON Playgroup

Join us in the evening to explore, create, and connect!

Tuesday Morning EarlyON Playgroup

Get inspired with new ideas for engaging family interactions!

Wednesday Afternoon EarlyON Playgroup

Our playroom is open to create, connect and explore!

Wednesday Morning EarlyON Playgroup

Join us Wednesday morning for meaningful and engaging play opportunities.