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Financial, Food & Housing Assistance in Middlesex County

Services in Middlesex County

Meal Programs and Food Banks (2023-2024) – Middlesex County - BROCHURE 

Financial Assistance

Middlesex County Social Services provides financial and employment assistance to people in need through the Ontario Works program. For more information contact 519-434-7321, email or talk to your caseworker.

Electricity Support Program (OESP) - Ongoing assistance applied directly as credit on the bills of eligible low-income electricity consumers/households. Contact Salvation Army Community and Family Services for more information

LEAP Emergency Financial Assistance Access centre to apply for LEAP (Low Income Energy Assistance Program) one-time emergency financial assistance

Food Banks
Lunch & Dinner Programs
Housing Assistance 

Assistance is provided to individuals and families with low and moderate incomes to find affordable housing. Affordable housing is provided by public, non-profit, co-operative or inexpensive private housing. Contact Middlesex County Social Services for more information.
Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative Problems with hydro bills? Do you have an eviction notice? You may be eligible for some help through the Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative (CHPI). This program is sponsored by the Government of Ontario and administered by the County of Middlesex. CHPI may be available to OW and ODSP recipients as well as low income residents of Middlesex County. To see if you qualify for help through CHPI, contact Middlesex County Social Services.


Women’s Rural Resource Centre, Strathroy Emergency shelter for women with or without children who have decided to leave an abusive relationship or need respite

Services across Middlesex County and City of London

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance 
Financial Assistance for Rent and Utilities 
Budget and Credit Counselling 
Financial Assistance for Children and Families 
Financial Assistance for People with Disabilities 


Clothing and Household Items 
Sharing Shops and Thrift Stores 


Food Banks and Community Food Programs 
Hospitality Meals 
Housing & Shelter

Affordable Housing 
Shelters and Drop-In Centres for Youth 
Gender-Based Violence Shelters  
Drop-in Centres for Adults
Emergency Shelters for Adults
Emergency Shelters for Adults with Children
Housing Referral and Rights 

Information on Indigenous Services 
Health and social services for Indigenous communities are often a combination of traditional healing, primary care, cultural programs, health promotion programs, resource centres, community development initiatives, and social support services. Indigenous peoples are the descendants of the original inhabitants of North America, who identify as First Nations, Métis, or Inuit.

The three First Nations communities closest in proximity to Middlesex County and the City of London are: Chippewa of the Thames First Nation (part of the Anishinaabe); Oneida Nation of the Thames (part of the Haudenosaunee); and, Munsee-Delaware Nation (part of the Leni-Lunaape). 

Need More Help?

Community Connectors are fundamental to helping Middlesex County families get connected to the services and supports they need. Contact or visit a Middlesex County Library to speak with a Community Connector.

Community Navigator Josh Smith is an expert on all the services and programs around the County, and is your first step in finding which service could be the best fit for you.

Local organizations are available to assist with housing, securing employment, education, accessing mental health and addiction services, food and clothing supports, social assistance and everything in between. Whatever your need, contact the Community Navigator to get started. Josh can help you every step of the way: from discovering which program may be best suited to your needs, to referrals and connections with that program, as well as compiling and completing required documentation.

If you think the Community Navigator can help you, please reach out at  or 519-808-0588. If you are a resident of Middlesex County you qualify for assistance: there is no referral required, no eligibility requirements, and no cost. Josh is here to help, and is happy to be your first step!  Middlesex County Library Community Navigator page

For More Information

For more information on financial assistance and housing services visit the Crisis Services page at  

Helpful Resources

The Help Yourself Through Hard Times resource is a guide to basic needs services for London and Middlesex County. It lists services that provide assistance to individuals and families on limited incomes during times of financial hardship. The booklet is updated once a year, and is available for download (see below), or in print form from the City of London or at many social service locations in London.


Edits and Suggestions for Existing Services  
Have general feedback on Have suggestions on services or service agencies you would like added that are currently not included in the portal? 

Contact Nadine Devin, Project Manager, Middlesex County Library,

Edits and Suggestions for Existing Services  
Services and events information is provided and maintained by takes pride in the quality and accuracy of their data. All service records are fully updated at least once a year and follow provincial data standards and inclusion policies. You can submit changes or suggest a new service or event at any time. 

Please note that staff will review and confirm all submissions before they are published to the website.

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